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by Sara Rector

Sara Rector has released a series of audio presentations designed to share her therapy program techniques, strategies, and insights with her listeners. Sara’s CD and MP3 therapy programs are a convenient way to utilize Sara’s infertility support therapies in the comfort of your own home.

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Positive Intention Conception
Psychological Treatment Plan to optimize and support your infertility treatment cycle. Can be used with natural cycles or IVF, IUI, IUI and injectables, Ovum Sperm Donation Cycles. See Sara on

Audio CD $20.00
Digital Download $15.00 (4 MP3’s)


Healing Pregnancy Loss
A step by step plan designed to help you process feelings of grief and distress that can arise from loss of a pregnancy so you can move on. See Sara on
Audio CD $20.00
Digital Download $15.00 (4 MP3s)


Transition to Ovum Donation
Are you ready to make the transition to Ovum Donation? This Audio CD will help you answer this question and address your concerns. See Sara on
Audio CD $20.00



Relationship Issues and Infertility
A plan to help couples work together to navigate the roller coaster of emotions, physical challenges and decision making that can result from infertility. See Sara on
Audio CD $20.00

Digital Download $15.00 (5 MP3s)


He Said, She Said
The male and female experience of going through Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology on the path to becoming parents. See Sara on
Audio CD $20.00

Digital Download $15.00 (7 MP3’s)