Call/Text 805-494-1414 [email protected]

Kaiser Clients

We have created this page to help with the step-by-step process that is necessary to schedule an appointment through your Kaiser insurance plan.

1. Call or Text Circle of Life Center at 805-494-1414 or email [email protected] and our friendly office staff will help find a time that works with your schedule to meet with one of our caring and committed counselors. Once a time and date is agreed upon, a hold will be placed with Kaiser.

*If you are a retuning client, please contact your previous clinician directly so that they can expedite the hold process. 

2.  Obtain authorization for services. You will need to call Kaiser’s Behavioral Health line at 855-701-7955 and ask for a mental health screening and inform them of the date and time of the hold placed by Circle of Life Center.

*This hold does not guarantee Kaiser will refer you to us but it does inform them we can accommodate you

3. Confirm authorization. Contact Circle of Life Center to update on the status of the authorization. Our office staff will then verify if the hold has been approved. If the authorization has been approved, our staff will begin the onboarding process. You will receive an official welcome text and email once your profile is set up. If the hold has not yet been authorized, you will need to call Kaiser and verify your authorization again as Kaiser can take up to one week to approve holds.

If you are a Kaiser client and you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call the Kaiser Crisis Line at